Portable Pedicure Foot Bath

$59.90 $69.90
Our new Portable Pedicure Foot Bath is perfect for travelling or if you have limited storage space.
Easy to store, it can be unfolded in seconds and be ready with steaming water to welcome your feet in a warm embrace.
Combine it with essential oils and bath salts for a true SPA experience!
It can improve your blood circulation, muscle pain, immune system and lead to better sleep.
Did you know that it's also good at multi-tasking? Easily detach the massaging tray from inside and use it as a laundry basket! Use it to clean your car! Use it as a mop bucket! Use it to store your cleaning items! It will not be offended!
Unique Features:
  • Easy to store (only 7cm thick when folded!)
  • Heat resistant
  • Roller feet massagers inside
  • Multi-purpose 
  • With heat-maintaining cover
Specifications :
Material: PP + TPE
Size:  43.5 x 33 x 21cm / 17.13" x 12.99" x 8.27"
Heat resistance: -20 to 100°C
Weight: 1110g
Package include:
1 x Portable Pedicure Foot Bath

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