Adhesive Bathroom Shelf Organizer


Sometimes bathrooms have limited storage space, and it's very easy for them to become disorganized.
An extra shelf might be the solution you are looking for, but drilling holes can be dangerous, as you cannot know where the water pipes are running, and a little hole might end up costing you a lot!

That's why we bring to you the Adhesive Bathroom Shelf Organizer!

Forget the drill! As the name suggests, our shelf is self-adhesive! Just clean the surface where you want to place the shelf, peel off the film, position it and apply some pressure.... and you're done! Quick and easy!

With fitted holes to drain water, no more water build-up!

You can choose between 2 models, and 2 different colors for each.


  • Made of high quality ABS material
  • Easy to mount
  • Strong bearing capacity
  • Nail-free and drill-free

Colors: Gray, Black
Size:   42 x 12 x 5.5cm
Material: ABS

Package include:

1 x Adhesive Bathroom Shelf Organizer

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