81 Bath Soap Roses

How to say "I love you" better than with a bouquet of red roses?
This box contains 81, and they don't have thorns , do not wither and do not spread pollen! It's the perfect gift!
They smell great and will leave your skin smooth and silky. Just throw 1-2 in a bath to transform it into a luxurious SPA experience!
Unique Features:
  • EXQUISITELY INDULGENT - These Realistic Scented Bath Roses offer a luxurious bath experience. Just toss two or three roses under warm running water, agitate the water with your hand until the petals dissolve, slip into the water, relax and enjoy your fragrant bubbles.

  •  RELAXING AND REJUVENATING SCENT - Taking a bath with these fragrant soap roses offers a refreshing and rejuvenating effect after a long day at work. 

  •  BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED - These floral scented soap come in a lovely gift box adorned with decorative ribbon. Great as a present for your loved ones!

  •  SAFE AND PRACTICAL - The materials used are all food grade, safe, non-irritant and non-toxic. Just add a couple roses into a warm bath to enjoy a relaxing soak, or pull a petal for washing your hands. Also decorative in your bathroom on a soap dish!

  •  REAL DEAL - Look just like roses, smell like roses, but without the thorns, the withering, or the pollen! This is an excellent alternative to real flowers for gift recipients with allergies. They are long-lasting and make a great decorative accent or to use in the bath for a romantic but affordable alternative to bubble baths with real rose petals.

Material: Soap
Package include:
1 x box containing 81 x Bath Soap Roses

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